Bitcoin traders and investors have seen a return to volatility this month, with the bitcoin price suddenly dropping in early September.
The bitcoin price, which had broken $12,000 per bitcoin at the end of August, dropped to around $10,000 amid a broader market sell-off before somewhat rebounding.
This week, the bitcoin market is braced for almost half of nearly $2 billion worth of bitcoin options to expire—something that could bring a fresh wave of volatility.
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Bitcoin traders and investors are braced for almost $1 billion worth of options to expire this week. … [+]

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Bitcoin open interest has climbed to $1.9 billion, around triple what it was just a few months ago, according to data from bitcoin and crypto analytics provider Skew, with some 47% of existing contracts due to expire this coming Friday.

The looming bitcoin options expiry could spark a fresh bout of price volatility. Previous large expiries have caused the market to
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