A Slovenian woman has been sentenced to two years in jail after been found guilty of attempted insurance fraud.Julija Adlesic and her boyfriend plotted to deliberately saw off her hand to receive a €1m ($1.2m) payout, Sky News reports.Adlesic claims it was an accident. However, her boyfriend’s internet history shows he searched for prosthetic hands the day before the incident.Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.Julija Adlesic kept her left hand covered in court. Sky NewsA woman who deliberately sawed off her hand in an insurance fraud plot has been sentenced to two years in jail.Slovenian Julija Adlesic, 22, is accused of using a circular saw to sever herself at the left wrist in early 2019.She had taken out insurance policies with five companies the year before and would have received €1m ($1.2m) in payout.However, the young woman was found guilty of attempted insurance fraud at a court in Ljubljana, Sky News reports.Adlesic’s boyfriend has been sentenced to three years in prison, with a one-year suspended sentence for his father.The couple claims Adlesic’s left hand was accidentally sawed off while cutting branches at her home in the Slovenian capital. They left the hand at the location of the incident when they went to the hospital.The day before, Adlesic’s boyfriend had done an internet search for prosthetic hands, which prosecutors said was further evidence that the hand removal had been deliberate.They claim the couple left the hand behind when they went to the hospital to ensure the injury was permanent, but Adlesic’s hand was recovered and reattached.Adlesic maintains that she is innocent: “No one wants to be crippled. My youth has been destroyed.”I lost my hand at the age of 20. Only I know how it happened.”Related: What it takes to be a hand model, earn $75k a yearRead more:Online pet scams have tripled since last year as people look for furry friends in quarantineBig YouTube accounts are being plagued by hackers promoting Bitcoin scams resembling the hack that compromised TwitterThe best saws to tackle DIY projects at homeRead the original article on Business Insider
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